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National SRP Festival and Conference 2016
held at
Christ's Hospital School, Lincoln
2nd and 3rd April
There were two commissioned works for the mass playing sessions.
These were Joyride by Nicholas Wynne and The Imps of Lincoln by Paul Richards.
Audio recordings can be listened to clicking on the titles below
Joyride                                     The Imps Of Lincoln

The Piers Adams mastercass can be viewed

Here are some comments that have been received about the festival:-


The playing of 'Farewell to Stromness' by some of our finest recorder players, as a tribute to Peter Maxwell Davis who had recently died.
  And the emotional seconds after that tribute when silence fell on the whole assembly, and that just about said it all.


Excellent group leaders who went out of their way to provide music suitable to the group,
 despite having little idea in advance of those who would turn up.

A word of praise too for the excellent tutors

Playing with people like Sandra Foxall and Caroline Jones and our own Linda Hepburn-Booth and loving every moment of it

Massed playing

The overwhelming sound in the massed playing sessions.

The high standard of the massed playing pieces

My lasting memory will be sitting listening to the massed playing session of Nick Wynne’s composition, Joyride.
 What a privilege to hear so many instruments playing together in harmony and listen to the intricate layering of the parts.
 Certainly music for the soul, and all credit to Moira Usher for her skilful conducting
and getting the right notes in the right order with such good humour and sensitivity.

Mass playing in the gym –
 with music that was much too challenging for some of us and yet by the end of the hour we had made a reasonable fist of it!  


Piers Adams and David Wright

But the highlight of the weekend for me was undoubtedly the Saturday evening concert featuring the fantastic Piers Adams and his excellent accompanist David Wright.
Piers’s playing was incredible, mind blowing, earth shattering…….ad infinitum.
And I thought I’d seen fast playing!

An excellent concert – full of lots of showy music of the early years – quite unexpected.
His encore was a modern piece which was the highlight of the performance for me.

The unbelievable skill of Piers Adams both in concert and in his master classes.


Weekend generally

Feedback from those who attended was totally positive, everyone being made to feel welcome and thoroughly enjoying the playing sessions and entertainment.

Lots of friendly recorder players, people who were willing to chat to strangers and share playing.

Meeting people with the same interests from far- flung places.

Time passed very quickly –the day looked long at the start but was over in a flash.

What a great weekend.  I enjoyed every minute - maybe not getting up at 5:45 a.m. - but the rest was brilliant.


Organisation and volunteering

Well I know I’m a teeny bit biased in my judgement of the 2016 National Recorder Festival in Lincoln but I thought it was the best ever.

A big well done to Rod and Linda and all their team of valiant helpers who made the 2016 National Recorder Festival a total success.

I was proud to be a part of it.

Much attention to minor details which made all the difference – flowers around the place etc.

Good to hear compliments about how well organised the weekend was, and how friendly and smiley the green sash brigade were.
 I felt a bit like one of the Games Makers at the 2012 Olympics!


Thanks to Vera, Tessa, Margaret, Kath, Janet and Gill for their comments.



Compiled and edited by Gill Chatfield



As a result of much general  enthusiasm and commitment  in our branch we have been able to present a number of  public ‘concerts’ recently.
………. Recital for harvest festival service at Normanby-le- Wold , a charming village church at the highest point on the
 Lincolnshire Wolds.

……..  Workshop  afternoon in Lincoln..…  we invited people to listen ,to try our instruments and to ask questions about  the SRP. We demonstrated the range of instruments and built up a piece one part at a time to show how the parts are put together. This was very well received and not only addressed the questions from the audience but also served to boost the confidence of our own players.

 ….…..Recital  with 8 players at Barnby- in- the Willows near Newark.  We raised £650 for the disappearing lead from the roof.!

……….School workshop near Boston. We performed and demonstrated, in an interactive hour, with a hall full of Junior pupils. Music was written especially for this event and pupils learnt parts before playing with us on the day.


……...Summer Concert   At Laxton village church in Nottinghamshire. Some of our players joined The Dukeries singers and the Notts.  SRP   branch to perform several recital pieces and also a new 7 min. work composed by one of our branch members, Nicholas Wynne. ‘Little Lamb’…a poem by W Blake was set by Nick for 8 part choir and recorders and was very well received.  A delightfully scored atomospheric  composition well worthy of more playing.


………Lincs.Music & Drama festival    Some of our members also play in other groups between our monthly meetings. Congratulations to those who always bring back a trophy from the Festival.


…..…Open gardens. Several players braved a rainy day under a flimsy gazebo to provide music for Skellingthorpe village open gardens day.


…….Christmas music as part of a musical extravaganza at the Bailgate Methodist church in the heart of Lincoln. A bright and happy performance.


These events main feature as our main performances, but throughout the year many of our members play in other local groups and join with choirs, or other instrumentalists to give performances.


Finally….our branch meets monthly on a Saturday afternoon…….but many players gather for a couple of hours in the morning to play new compositions and arrangements created by our own members. This session is becoming more and more popular and useful for us all and enables us to look at repertoire for our next ‘public event’.


So…..Lincoln is a happy….going ahead branch…speaking of which…..


National Festival 2016. April 2/3. We are most pleased to be hosting this in Lincoln next year.

 Please join us….. Come and see an historic city…home of the Magna Carta, Tennyson, the Wesleys , Joseph Banks, the Red Arrows….and so it continues. You will be very welcome.




Dublin SRP Festival 2013

The Annual SRP Recorder Festival, held this year in Dublin, was a splendid affair and thoroughly enjoyed by all those who attended. The venue, All Hallows College on the outskirts of Dublin, was a beautiful Georgian building with numerous rooms and halls offering ample playing space. Music sessions showed a comprehensive mixture of classical and modern pieces and were led by an accomplished group of Irish and UK conductors. Entertainment, in the form of traditional Irish music, was of a very high standard and these, together with an interesting talk on ‘Ancient Music In Ireland’ made for a truly enjoyable weekend.

Members of the Lincoln group who attended were Marjorie Wood, Linda Hepburn-Booth, Gill Chatfield, Diana Knight and Kath Thomas. The Festival programme followed the usual format with a massed playing on Saturday morning of a Bach Concerto from the Easter Oratorio, led by Pamela Flanagan. Secretary and Musical Director of the Irish branch We then all went our separate ways, choosing from a series of graded tutorials.

Before the evening meal, we had a second massed playing with the ‘Premiere of Festival Commission’ by Rhona Clarke and, after dinner, attended the Ancient Music lecture. This extremely interesting and informative talk, given by Simon O’Dwyer, covered the study of prehistoric musical instruments in Ireland and we were given demonstrations on bone flutes and metal horns and trumpets, many of which were the precursors of our modern day musical instruments. And then came the entertainment – an energetic Ceilidh led by local musicians and interspersed with wonderful Irish dancing by youngsters from a local dance group, a brilliant Irish flute and pennywhistle recital by a member of the Irish recorder group, and beautiful, unaccompanied singing by an Irish soprano.

Sunday brought more group tutorials and, after lunch, a third massed playing session which was Clark’s Irish Suite, again led by Pamela Flanagan. And so everyone went home in extremely buoyant mood, having enjoyed a very uplifting and stimulating weekend.


Concert at Louth
Wednesday 22nd May
We were invited to play at the Allegro Appassionata lunch time concert in the Conoco Room above Louth library.
We played a variety of music from Sweelink to Walton
 after having enjoyed a light lunch.
We recorded all the pieces which can be found on the


Butterwick School Visit
Friday 15th March
16 members played to the children of Butterwick Primary School.
The concert was prepared by Linda
who combined teaching, playing and entertaining the children.
As most of us had driven a long way, we met at a local pub for sandwiches and coffee beforehand.
It was an incredible but completely exhausting day.
Very well worthwhile.


Lindum Ladies Spring Concert


We were invited to play at the Lindum Ladies Spring concert.
Within our SRP group, another local recorder group joined us,
called Lincoln Music Workshop Recorder Group.
With Linda singing they played two songs by Nick for voice and recorder ensemble.
Then the whole group played the Childrens' song from Hansel and Gretel,
arranged for SATB by Christopher Ball.
A little later in the programme we played Teddy Bears' Picnic arranged by Robin Benton
followed by Nimrod arranged by Ross Winters.
It was a really fun concert. Thank you, Lindum Ladies, for inviting us.
There are videos of the pieces HERE