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                  Musical Director: Richard Lindsay BA(Hons), LGSM

Branch Secretary: Rod Callow

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A lively group of friendly recorder enthusiasts - drawn from all over the area - who meet once a month on Saturday afternoons from 13.00 to 15.30 in a venue near the middle of Lincoln. (As the afternoon is quite concentrated we usually stop for a cup of tea of coffee and biscuits in the middle and this provides some time to chat as well).

All are welcome, members and non members alike.

 The afternoon is stimulating  and demands concentration but the group is warm and friendly and welcoming to new members and everyone is keen to be helpful and encouraging to all players – even those of us who are not as proficient as some of the best players – and there are some very good players among us!   In other words the group is made up of a wide variety of individuals with different levels of ability but provides the opportunity for everyone to advance from the point where they start in the group.

 We play a wide variety of music drawn from many centuries and styles and with different levels of difficulty. All recorder players beyond the beginner stage are welcome, with scope for all sizes of instruments from sopranino to the magnificent contrabass.

 Before the main meetings, from 10.30  onwards , there is an informal session for those who wish to take part but remember to bring your lunch! Both sessions provide an opportunity to meet other recorder players and to make music with like minded people.

 Our members are involved in a variety of other recorder groups and activities and are keen to welcome others to join in these groups also. They are spread throughout the area at different venues and we attempt where possible to share transport to attend both Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire branch meetings and other SRP occasions including the SRP National Festival.

 Our branch subscription  includes membership of the national organisation
 and the quarterly recorder magazine.

Lincolnshire Branch Subscriptions  2014 / 2015            
Member   £35
Household   £49
Student  £17
Associate   £12 (members of other SRP Branches)
Visitors for the day £4 or £3 for members of other branches


 So the message to all those of you who used to play a recorder but have not done so for many years and to anyone who is newly in the area who would like to spend an afternoon having fun and making music is – come and join us!  We are here to encourage everyone to improve their skills and no one is ever made to feel stupid or inadequate!  Just come and relive the pleasure of playing in a group.

 Contact the for further details.




Registered Charity Nos. 282751 / SCO38422